About This Catalogue

The search window you see on our Home Page and on the search page will link you to any title--or it's closest match--in our database.

If you click on the colored portion for an actor's name or title in the result you will be taken to an external link of the Internet Movie Database that will
allow to more fully learn about the subject you are looking for. (You can see a review for the film or see a list of a certain actor's entire performance credits)

If you click on the colored words in the fields "Section" or "Notes" you should call up a list of every movie we carry that relates to that subject.
For example, if you click on "Hitchcock" under the "section" field after searching for "Vertigo" you will get a list of all the Alfred Hitchcock movies Pic A Flic carries.

We will be adding more "notes" in the future to help our customers narrow their searches further. (Hopefully)

a helpful tip for searching:
Omit things like "A"(as in "A River Runs Through It") or "The" (as in "The Omega Man").
If you just type in one key word from the title you're searching for you will probably have more luck.

Remember, spelling counts in this endeavor.

I hope you find this catalogue useful. If you have any questions about any of our stock or still can't find what you are looking for please contact us.
For immediate response: 250-382-3338

For slower yet sometimes more detailed response (amazingly) try emailing us.