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19 Months Benjamin Ratner '04Canada PG100 DVD
1987 French '14Canada 105 Canada / Trogi DVD
2 Seconds Canadian / Laurier / French / '98Canada NR102 Gay DVD
3 Little Pigs French / Huard / Subtitled '07Canada 14124 DVD
3 Little Pigs 2 French / Paul Doucet '16Canada 18103 Canada / Pouliot DVD
3 Needles Lucy Liu '05Canada 14127 DVD
4 Soldiers Camille Mongeau '13Canada PG 83 Canada DVD
45 Rpm Michael Madsen '08Canada G Canada DVD
5150 Elm's Way French '09Canada 18110 Canada / Tessier DVD
7 Times Lucky Kevin Pollack '04Canada 14 83 DVD
Act Of Dishonour English / Dari '10Canada NR 90 Canada / Pazira DVD
Adjuster Elias Koteas '92Canada R 102 Atom Egoyan (dir) DVD
Adoration Scott Speedman '08Canada 14100 Atom Egoyan (dir) DVD
Adventure Of Faustus Bidgood Andy Jones '86Canada NR110 DVD
Affaire Dumont French '12Canada 121 Canada / Grou DVD
Agnes Of God Fonda / Bancroft '86Canada 13 90 DVD
All The Wrong Reasons Cory Monteith '13Canada 14118 Karine Vanasse DVD
Aloft Jennifer Connelly '14Canada 14 97 Cillian Murphy DVD
American Boyfriends Langrick / Wildman '89Canada PG 90 VHS
American Heist Hayden Christensen '14Canada 14 94 Adrien Brody DVD
American Mary Katharine Isabelle '12Canada R 103 DVD
Amnesia: The James Brighton Fr Cdn / Langlois / Subt '05Canada NR 90 DVD
Amours Imaginaires French / Xavier Dolan '10Canada 14 95 Canada DVD
Animal Project Aaron Poole '13Canada 14 90 Canada DVD
Another Wolfcop Leo Fafard '17Canada 79 Yannick Bisson DVD
Antiviral Caleb Landy Jones '12Canada 108 DVDBlu-ray
Anyone's Game Jason Priestley '05Canada PG 98 DVD
Apprenticeship Of Duddy Krav Dreyfuss / Warden / Quaid '74Canada PG121 DVD
Ararat Arsinee Khanjian '02Canada R 126 Atom Egoyan (dir) DVD
Arrow Dan Aykroyd '97Canada NR230 DVD
At Home By Myself With You Kristen Booth '09Canada NR 90 Gordon Pinsent DVD
Auction French '13Canada PG111 Canada / Pilote DVD
Aurore French / Dionne / Subt '05Canada 14110 DVD
Away From Her Julie Christie '06Canada PG110 DVD
Babine French / Picard / Subtitled '08Canada NR112 Canada DVD
Backcountry Missy Peregrym '14Canada 14 92 Eric Balfour Canada DVD
Bang Bang Club Ryan Phillippe '10Canada NR106 Malin Akerman DVD
Barbarian Invasions French / Arcand / Subt '04Canada 14 99 DVD
Barney's Version Paul Giamatti '10Canada PG134 Dustin Hoffman DVDBlu-ray
Baroness And The Pig Patricia Clarkson ' Canada PG 95 DVD
Barrymore Christopher Plummer '11Canada 83 DVD
Battle Of The Brave Gerard Depardieu / Colm Me '04Canada NR142 DVD
Bay Of Love And Sorrows Peter Outerbridge '02Canada 95 DVD
Because Why Michael Riley '93Canada NR104 DVD
Beeba Boys English '15Canada 14104 Deepa Mehta DVD
Beefcake Thom Fitzgerald '99Canada 14 95 Gay DVD
Before Tomorrow Inuktitut / '08Canada PG 93 Canada / Cousineau DVD
Being Light Elodie Bouchez '02Canada NR 90 DVD
Beowulf & Grendel Sarah Polley '05Canada R 103 DVD
Bethune:making Of A Hero Sutherland / Shaver / Feore '90Canada R 116 VHS
Better Than Chocolate Karyn Dwyer '99Canada NR101 Gay DVD
Beyond The Black Rainbow Michael Rogers '10Canada 110 Panos Cosmatos DVD
Bingo French / Lord / Subtitled '74Canada 14114 DVD
Birder Tom Cavanaugh '13Canada 14 85 Fred Willard Canada DVD
Bittersweet Memories French / Filiatrault / Subt '05Canada NR 90 DVD
Black Robe Bluteau / Schellenberg '91Canada 13100 DVD
Black Swan Melanie Doane '02Canada PG 95 DVD
Blood Emily Hampshire '04Canada R 90 DVD
Blue Butterfly William Hurt '04Canada PG 90 DVD
Bollywood Hollywood Jessica Pare '02Canada PG120 Deepa Mehta DVD
Bon Cop Bad Cop Colm Feore '06Canada 14116 DVD
Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 Colm Feore '17Canada 14126 DVD
Book Of Negroes Aunjanue Ellis '15Canada PG450 Louis Gossett Jr DVD
Boy Who Could Fly J. Underwood / L. Deakins '86Canada PG108 DVD
Boys (les Boys) French / Saia / Subtitled '98Canada NR110 DVD
Boys Of St Vincents Henry Czerny '92Canada R 92 DVD
Breakaway Russel Peters '11Canada PG 99 DVD
Breakfast With Scot Tom Cavanagh '07Canada PG109 DVD
Brood Reed / Eggar '79Canada R 92 David Cronenberg (di DVD
Burial Society Nicholas Racz (dir) '02Canada 14108 DVD
Bye Bye Blues Michael Ontkean '89Canada PG117 DVDVHSBlu-ray
C. R. A. Z. Y French / Jean - Marc Vallee / '05Canada 14129 Gay DVD
Cabin Movie Arabella Bushnell '05Canada 18 86 Festival Collection DVD
Caesar And Cleopatra (2009) Christopher Plummer '09Canada PG154 Nikki M James DVD
Cafe De Flore French / Vanessa Paradis '11Canada 120 Canada / Vallee DVD
Cairo Time Patricia Clarkson '09Canada PG 90 DVD
Calendar Atom Egoyan (dir) '94Canada R 85 Atom Egoyan DVD
Canada Russia '72 Booth Savage '06Canada PG184 DVD
Captive Ryan Reynolds '14Canada PG112 Canada / Egoyan DVDBlu-ray
Careful Guy Maddin '92Canada NR100 DVD
Cas & Dylan Richard Dreyfuss '13Canada 14 90 Tatiana Maslany DVD
Century Hotel Joel Bissonnette '01Canada 97 Lindy Booth DVD
Chaos And Desire Pascale Brussieres '02Canada NR100 DVD
Cheech French / Patrice Robitaill '06Canada 14114 DVD
Childstar Don Mckellar '05Canada 14 98 DVD
Chloe Julianne Moore '09Canada 14 96 Atom Egoyan (dir) DVDBlu-ray
Clean Maggie Cheung '04Canada 14111 DVD
Cloudburst Olympia Dukakis '11Canada 93 Brenda Fricker DVD
Colony Laurence Fishburne '13Canada 14 95 Bill Paxton DVD
Company Of Strangers Diabo / Garneau / Meddings '90Canada 13101 DVD
Confessionnal French / Lepage / Subt '95Canada 13101 DVD
Congorama French / Falardeau(dir) / Su '06Canada NR105 DVD
Cooking With Stella Don Mckellar '09Canada G 104 Deepa Mehta DVD
Copenhagen Gethin Anthony '14Canada 14 98 DVD
Corbo French '14Canada PG119 Canada / Denis DVD
Cosmopolis Robert Pattinson '12Canada 14109 David Cronenberg DVDBlu-ray
Coteau Rouge French '11Canada G 87 Canada / Forcier DVD
Cowards Bend The Knee Guy Maddin '04Canada NR 64 DVD
Cq2 French / Laure / Subt '04Canada NR100 DVD
Cruising Bar Michael Cote '89Canada 14 94 DVD
Cruising Bar 2 Michel Cote '08Canada 18103 DVD
Dakota Brendan Gall '07Canada 14 96 Canada DVD
Dance Me Outside Ryan Black '95Canada 13 85 Bruce Mcdonald DVD
Dangerous Method Viggo Mortensen '11Canada 14 99 Michael Fassbender DVDBlu-ray
Dark Truth Andy Garcia '12Canada 14106 DVD
Daydream Nation Kat Dennings '10Canada 14 98 Josh Lucas Canada DVD
Days Of Darkness French / Arcand '07Canada 14104 Denys Arcand DVD
Dead Ringers Irons / Bujold '88Canada R 117 David Cronenberg (di DVD
Dead Zone, The Walken / Adams '83Canada R 104 David Cronenberg (di DVD
Dear Mr Gacy William Forsythe '10Canada 18103 DVD
Decline Of The American Empi Denis Arcand (dir) '87Canada R 102 DVD
Defendor Woody Harrelson '09Canada PG 95 Kat Dennings DVDBlu-ray
Delicate Art Of Parking Trent Carlson (dir) '04Canada PG 90 DVD
Deluxe Combo Platter Jennifer Tilly '05Canada PG103 DVD
Devil's Knot Colin Firth '13Canada 14114 Atom Egoyan DVDBlu-ray
Different Loyalty Sharon Stone '05Canada PG 96 DVD
Divide Lauren German '12Canada 11 DVD
Dodging The Clock French / Trogi / Subt '05Canada 14100 DVD
Double Happiness Sandra Oh '95Canada 13 87 DVD
Down The Road Again Doug Mcgrath '11Canada PG 84 Donald Shebib Blu-ray
Down To The Dirt Hugh Dillon '08Canada 14110 DVD
Dr Cabbie Vinay Virmani '14Canada PG103 Canada / Pouliot DVD
Dracula:guy Maddin Guy Maddin(dir) '03Canada NR 75 DVD
Driftless Area Anton Yelchin '15Canada NR 95 Zooey Deschanel DVD
Earth (mehta) Hindi / Deepa Mehta '99Canada NR101 Deepa Mehta DVD
Eastern Promises Viggo Mortensen '07Canada 18100 David Cronenberg (di DVDBlu-ray
Ecstasy Adam Sinclair / Kristin Kr '11Canada NR 99 Irvine Welsh DVD
Edge Of Madness French / Wheeler / Subt '02Canada 14 99 DVD
Edwin Boyd Scott Speedman '11Canada 14105 DVD
Eighteen Paul Anthony '05Canada 105 Alan Cumming DVD
Elephant Shoes Stacie Morgan Lewis '05Canada NR 80 DVD
Elephant Song Bruce Greenwood '14Canada PG110 Xavier Dolan DVD
Elijah Bill Merasty '07Canada PG 88 DVD
Emile Ian Mckellen '03Canada PG 95 DVD
Emotional Arithmetic Gabriel Byrne '07Canada PG 99 DVD
Englishman's Boy Canadian / Vanderhaeghe '06Canada 14180 DVD
Eve & The Fire Horse Vivian Wu '05Canada 92 DVD
Everything Is Fine (tout Est French / Fournier / Subt '08Canada 14110 DVD
Everything Will Be Fine Rachel Mcadams '15Canada 14118 James Franco DVD
Everything's Gone Green Paulo Costanzo '06Canada 14 95 DVD
Evil Words French / Tessier / Subt '03Canada 100 DVD
Exotica Don Mckellar '94Canada R 103 Atom Egoyan (dir) DVDBlu-ray
Expecting Valerie Buhagiar '02Canada NR 91 DVD
Eye For Beauty French '14Canada 14102 Canada / Arcand DVD
F Word Daniel Radcliffe '13Canada PG 98 Zoe Kazan DVD
Falling Angels Miranda Richardson '03Canada NR109 DVD
Familiar Grounds French '11Canada PG 88 Canada / Lafleur DVD
Family Secret French / Ginette Reno / Subt '06Canada 18 86 Aka: Secret De Ma Me DVD
Family Viewing Egoyan / Hemblen / Rose '87Canada R 86 Atom Egoyan (dir) DVD
Fancy Dancing Jason Priestley '02Canada PG 95 DVD