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1987 French '14Canada 105 Canada / Trogi DVD
3 Little Pigs 2 French / Paul Doucet '16Canada 18103 Canada / Pouliot DVD
4 Soldiers Camille Mongeau '13Canada PG 83 Canada DVD
45 Rpm Michael Madsen '08Canada G Canada DVD
5150 Elm's Way French '09Canada 18110 Canada / Tessier DVD
Act Of Dishonour English / Dari '10Canada NR 90 Canada / Pazira DVD
Affaire Dumont French '12Canada 121 Canada / Grou DVD
Amours Imaginaires French / Xavier Dolan '10Canada 14 95 Canada DVD
Animal Project Aaron Poole '13Canada 14 90 Canada DVD
Animation Express Animated '09Short Film NR222 Nfb Canada DVD
Auction French '13Canada PG111 Canada / Pilote DVD
Babine French / Picard / Subtitled '08Canada NR112 Canada DVD
Backcountry Missy Peregrym '14Canada 14 92 Eric Balfour Canada DVD
Before Tomorrow Inuktitut / '08Canada PG 93 Canada / Cousineau DVD
Birder Tom Cavanaugh '13Canada 14 85 Fred Willard Canada DVD
Cafe De Flore French / Vanessa Paradis '11Canada 120 Canada / Vallee DVD
Canada (vancouver) Travel '86Travel G 40 Canada VHS
Canada At War Vol 1 Documentary (nfb) '05Documentary NR120 War DVD
Canada At War Vol 2 Documentary (nfb) '05Documentary NR120 War DVD
Canada At War Vol 3 Documentary (nfb) '05Documentary NR120 War DVD
Canada At War Vol 4 Documentary (nfb) '05Documentary NR150 War DVD
Canada Russia '72 Booth Savage '06Canada PG184 DVD
Canada:peoples History 1 Cbc Documentary ' Documentary E 360 DVD
Canada:peoples History 10 Cbc Documentary '01History E 240 DVD
Canada:peoples History 11 Cbc Documentary '01History E 240 DVD
Canada:peoples History 12 Cbc Documentary '01History E 135 DVD
Canada:peoples History 2 Cbc Documentary ' History E 247 DVD
Canada:peoples History 3 Cbc Documentary ' History E 202 DVD
Canada:peoples History 4 Cbc Documentary '01History E 240 DVD
Canada:peoples History 5 Cbc Documentary '01History E 180 DVD
Canada:peoples History 6 Cbc Documentary '01History E 80 DVD
Canada:peoples History 7 Cbc Documentary '01History E 240 DVD
Canada:peoples History 8 Cbc Documentary '01History E 240 DVD
Canada:peoples History 9 Cbc Documentary '01History E 190 DVD
Captive Ryan Reynolds '14Canada PG112 Canada / Egoyan DVDBlu-ray
Corbo French '14Canada PG119 Canada / Denis DVD
Coteau Rouge French '11Canada G 87 Canada / Forcier DVD
Dakota Brendan Gall '07Canada 14 96 Canada DVD
Daydream Nation Kat Dennings '10Canada 14 98 Josh Lucas Canada DVD
Dr Cabbie Vinay Virmani '14Canada PG103 Canada / Pouliot DVD
Escape To Canada Documentary '07Documentary 14 80 DVD
Eye For Beauty French '14Canada 14102 Canada / Arcand DVD
Familiar Grounds French '11Canada PG 88 Canada / Lafleur DVD
Fast Runner (atanarjuat) Inuktitut '02Canada 14 17 Canada / Kunuk DVD
Father And Guns (de Pere En French '09Canada 14107 Canada / Gaudreault DVD
Felix And Meira French '14Canada 105 Canada / Giroux DVD
Finn's Girl Brooke Johnson '88Canada NR 7 Canada DVD
For The Love Of God French / Madeleine Peloqui '11Canada PG 93 Canada / Lanctot DVD
Funkytown French '11Canada NR132 Canada / Rouleau DVD
Gabrielle French '13Canada 14104 Canada / Archambault DVD
Ghost Towns Travel '05Travel NR125 Wings Over Canada Se DVD
Gold Rush 2002 Team Canada '02Sports NR105 DVD
Grown Up Movie Star Shawn Doyle '09Canada 18 95 Canada DVD
Happiness Of Others French '12Canada NR101 Canada / Pearson DVD
Heat Wave French '09Canada NR 99 Canada / Lorain DVD
Henri Henri French '14Canada PG 99 Canada / Talbot DVD
High Cost Of Living Zach Braff '10Canada NR 92 Canada / Chow DVD
High Life Timothy Olyphant '09Canada 14 80 Canada DVD
Highway 61 Don Mckellar '91Canada R 89 Bruce Mcdonald Canada DVD
Hochelaga Land Of Lost Souls French / Samian '17New 14100 Canada / Girard DVD
How She Move Rutina Wesley '07Canada PG 93 Canada / Rashid DVD
Hungry Hills Lyndon Bray '09Canada NR Canada DVD
I Killed My Mother French / Xavier Dolan '09Canada 96 Canada / Dolan DVD
If I Were You Marcia Gay Harden '12Canada 115 Canada / Carr - Wiggin DVD
Incendies French '10Canada NR130 Canada / Villeneuve DVDBlu-ray
Inch Allah Evelyne Brochu '12Canada 14102 Canada DVD
Indian Horse Ajuawak Kapashesit '17New 14100 Canada DVDBlu-ray
It's Not Me I Swear French / Falardeau / Subtitl '08Canada PG105 Canada DVD
It's Only The End Of The Wor French / Vincent Cassel '16Canada PG 97 Canada / Dolan DVD
Je Me Souviens French / Andre Forcier (di '09Canada G 89 Canada DVD
Karakara Japanese '12Canada 101 Canada / Gagnon DVD
Keyhole Jason Patric '11Canada 14 94 Canada / Maddin DVDBlu-ray
Kill For Me Katie Cassidy '12Canada NR 95 Canada DVD
Laurence Anyways French '12Canada 168 Canada / Dolan DVDBlu-ray
Lesser Blessed Benjamin Bratt '12Canada R 86 Canada DVD
Life Begins French '10Canada NR103 Canada / Monty DVD
Life With My Father Canada '05Canada 105 French DVD
Liverpool French '12Canada 14113 Canada / Briand DVD
Lone Star Ron Canada '96Drama 14137 DVD
Lost Song French / Jean / Subtitled '08Canada NR102 Canada DVD
Louis Cyr French '13Canada 120 Canada / Roby DVD
Love & Savagery Canada '09Canada 14 96 Canada / John Smith DVD
Major Junior French / Antoine Olivier P '17Canada 14115 Canada / Tessier DVD
Map Of The Human Heart Patrick Bergin '93Canada R 109 Canada DVD
Marecages (wetlands) French '11Canada 111 Canada / Edoin DVD
Margarita Patrick Mckenna '12Canada 90 Nicola Correia Damod Canada DVD
Mars & Avril French '12Canada PG 91 Canada / Villeneuve DVD
Miraculum French / Xavier Dolan '14Canada 14110 Canada / Grou DVD
Mirage French '15Canada 101 Canada / Trogi DVD
Mommy French '14Canada 14139 Canada / Dolan DVD
Monsieur Lazhar French '11Canada G 95 Canada / Falardeau DVD
My Internship In Canada French '15Canada 108 Canada / Falardeau DVD
My Winnipeg - Criterion Guy Maddin '07Criterion 88 Canada / Maddin DVD
Necessities Of Life French '08Canada PG102 Canada / Comeau DVD
Nelly Mylene Mackay '16Canada 18 99 Canada / Emond DVD
Nelly & Simon:mission Yeti Animated '17New G 84 Canada / French / Englis DVD
Omerta French '12Canada 14107 Canada / Dionne DVD
On Their Knees Anais Granofsky '01Canada 14 80 Canada / Granofsky DVD
Our Loved Ones French '15Canada 102 Canada / Emond DVD
Passenger Side Adam Scott '09Canada 14 85 Canada DVD
Passion Of Augustine French '15French 103 Canada / Pool DVD
Polytechnique French / Villeneuve / Subt '09Canada NR 77 Canada DVD
Previous Engagement Juliet Stevenson '12Canada NR118 Canada DVD
Romeo Onze French+arabic '11Canada 100 Canada / Grbovic DVD
Salesman (le Vendeur) French '11Canada NR107 Canada / Pilote DVD
Shine Of Rainbows Aidan Quinn '09Canada PG101 Canada DVD
Siddharth Hindi '13Canada NR 97 Canada / Mehta DVD
Silence Lies French '10Canada NR109 Canada / Hivon DVD
Small Town Murder Songs Peter Stormare '11Canada 14 75 Canada DVD
Son Of The Sunshine Ryan Ward '12Canada 14 88 Canada DVD
Souvenir Of Canada Documentary '05Documentary NR 70 Douglas Coupland DVD
Starbuck French '11Canada 14109 Canada / Ken Scott (di DVD
Sticky Fingers French / Roy Dupuis '09Canada NR108 Canada / Scott DVD
Stoic Edward Furlong '09Canada NR 87 Canada DVD
Thirty Two Short Films About Colm Feore '94Canada G 95 Canada Drama DVD
Tom At The Farm French / Xavier Dolan '13Canada 14102 Canada / Dolan DVD
Triptyque French '13Canada 90 Canada / Lepage DVD
Un Crabe Dans La Tete (soft French '01Canada NR102 Canada / Turpin DVD
Valley Of Tears French '12Canada 95 Canada / Zehil DVD
Vic & Flo Saw A Bear French '13Canada 95 Canada / Cote DVD
Void Canada '16Horror 18 90 Aaron Poole DVD
War Witch French / Lingala '12Canada PG 90 Canada / Nguyen DVD
Wolfcop Leo Fafard '14Canada 14 79 Canada DVD
Wolves (les Loups) French '15Canada 107 Canada / Deraspe DVD
Year Of The Carnivore English '09Canada NR 88 Canada / Sook Yin Lee DVD
You're Sleeping Nicole French '14Canada 93 Canada / Lafleur DVD